Traditional by Accident

Can you say yes, if it’s impossible to say no?

The encroaching Solaran empire has gobbled up Svana’s world. Svana fled her planet with the first wave of refugees, swept up with members of a different clan. Space is vast and she finds herself on a space station, alone, waiting hopelessly for her own family to arrive to save her. Thomas is from her world and similarly adrift. He offers to save her, and it’s an offer that Svana can’t refuse, but that doesn’t mean that letting him save her is the right thing to do.

Unless, perhaps, they can somehow save each other.


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Dulcie and Fischer, starry eyed young lovers, jumped at the opportunity to become crew on one of Merchant Shipline’s fleet of starships. To a couple of kids from the sticks “all expenses paid” training was too good to pass up.

But there’s always a catch.

New Short Fiction: Julie Pascal

Very few humans survive the Obsidian transformation that grants them the ability to pilot between the stars, the ability to slip between. Now both star pilots and humans are trapped on the surface of a primitive world, abandoned to an eternal quarantine. Human refugees and their descendants struggle to build a new civilization and a new life. The immortal star pilots become known as Obsidian Witches.

I’m pretty excited about how the cover turned out. And I’m rather fond of the story, too. What do you think?

C.V. Walter

Home Planet Press is all about Science Fiction and if you like your Science Fiction extra spicy, this novel might be just what you’re looking for. Published by Aphrodite’s Pearl, “The Alien’s Accidental Bride” is a story of First Contact, and love.

Mad Genius Club Book Promo

Mad Genius authors offer books from a white range of science fiction and fantasy genres. It think there may be a Western there, too, and a romance. If you’re looking for something new, and of course you are, Mad Genius Club is a good place to find it.

Fifth Friday Promo

The authors over at Mad Genius Club have a lot to offer and if you’re looking for something new, and I know you are, this is a great place to look. Science fiction of all sorts, fantasy, romance and even a Western. (Even a short little fantasy there by me!) And while it’s now Saturday, I promise that the Fifth Friday Promo is still fresh! Check it out.