Favorite Stories

I love Space Opera and adventure. 

The first SF books I read were probably Edgar Rice Burroughs in high school. After I’d read every Tarzan book I started in on the others, including John Carter of Mars.  They were wonderful. 

In college I read Dune and every Heinlein I could find.  Later my absolute favorite would be Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan books.

Strangely, as I look back my favorite genre by far was also what I read the least of, and I read multiple books every week.  Why did it seem like there were so few?

I’d read fantasy series and every romance I could find but between them I’d discover Anne McCaffrey or C.J. Cherryh or Catherine Asaro and would read everything they had.  It just seemed like there was never enough!

What are your favorite old Space Adventures?

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  1. Barsoom for me, and Old Mars in general, be it Brackett, Bradbury or Moore. I’m also a big fan of E. C. Tubb’s long-running Dumarest series, about a tough mercenary space vagabond searching for Earth, the planet of his birth.

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